Human Resources Director for a Mission-Driven Nonprofit Organization

Our client is a nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of thousands of LA County's most vulnerable children, young people, and families. Their strong and innovative programs have made them a valued partner of the community. They are seeking a Human Resources Director to originate and guide employee-oriented HR policies for the entire company while creating a workplace culture that holds true to the organization’s mission statement.
-Sole responsibility for all activities associated with human resources, including benefits administration, safety, employee training, etc.
-Ensure that all activities and policies are compliant with state and federal legal guidelines
-Provide a safe and welcoming space for employees, hear and resolve grievances, and mediate between junior employees and upper management as needed.
-Develop and oversee all employee training, team building, and professional development programs, evaluate program effectiveness, and adjust as needed
-Responsible for creating job descriptions when opportunities arise, and supervise the HR Coordinator throughout the hiring process
-Answer and address all HR-related phone calls, emails, and meetings; and proactively coordinate with upper management to resolve grievances before any ethical or legal issues arise
-Conduct exit interviews and performance reviews, and assist with developing training initiatives for leaders who have demonstrated an ability to take on more responsibilities
-Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Administration, or related field, required
-7-10+ years experience as a human resources generalist, with at least five years in a leadership role
-Knowledge of general human resources management, with experience in benefits administration, employee training and development, organizational development, etc.
-Strong business acumen and ability to stay up to date with state and federal regulations pertaining to human resources management
-Familiarity with relevant HR management software
-Professional manner, with the ability to multi-task and lead a team
-Ability to be empathetic to employees at all levels, while complying with both company policies and legal requirements
-Belief in the company’s mission, required!
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